The "Official® Price Guide to KISS Collectibles" released as E-Book!

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The "Official® Price Guide to KISS Collectibles" released as E-Book!

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The Official® Price Guide to KISS Collectibles by Ingo Floren was released in 2004 as print publication by Random House. It became a standard reference for collectors worldwide and sold out in just months. The book is packed with valuable information on collectibles throughout KISS’ career: From records to Bally’s pinball machine, this guide is the ultimate resource, including more than 10.000 items and is absolutely the most comprehensive guide to KISS memorabilia. Today, this first and only edition of the book is a collectible by itself going for high prices on eBay or Amazon.

Now’s the chance to get the complete contents in an E-Book:

• EXTENSIVE. 460 pages of the print publication were converted to approx. 1.500 digital pages in Apples iPad format.
• CONVENIENT. Track every keyword with the eBook search option or simply type in a serial number of a Vinyl LP, Single, CD or Cassette to check its value.
• MANY PLATFORMS. Works on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle and many more E-Book readers in .EPUB and .MOBI format
• COMPREHENSIVE. This sourcebook lists nearly every released album and single with valuable information record by record with key collecting information.
• CLEARLY ORGANIZED.  With detailed info on worldwide releases, each record is easily identified by label, manufacturer’s catalog number, date and format. The guide lists posters, dolls, press kits, promotional material, t-shirts, jewelry, buttons, record awards and much more in great detail.
• UNIQUE. Exclusive interviews with Dennis Woloch and Michael Doret, designers of many popular KISS album covers of the seventies.
• LAVISHLY ILLUSTRATED. Book layout enriched with more than 500 photos.

Get it here...

Apple iBook:

Amazon Kindle:

For more info have a look at

Rock on!


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